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    MENU NAVIGATE EP50 EP49 EP48 EP47 EP46 EP45 EP44 EP43 EPISODE BREAKDOWN EP50 COASTAL ROOTS GREENERY OVERVIEW Background: Ashley Bernett graduated with an environmental degree and worked at Disney, focusing on beneficial insect control in greenhouses. She then became a police officer in Virginia before moving to Fernandina Beach, Florida with her family. Her love for plants grew in Florida, and she saw an opportunity in the exotic indoor plant market. ​ Mobile Plant Shop: Ashley started a mobile plant shop called Coastal Roots Greenery. She travels from South Georgia to North Florida, bringing plants to markets, festivals, and events. Her goal is to create a fun shopping experience by setting up her trailer like a plant shop. ​ Learning from Experience: Ashley learned a lot about plants and pest control during her time at Disney. She cultivated beneficial insects to control pests naturally. She also learned about scouting for pests and working with different plants. ​ Starting a Business: Ashley started selling plants as a hobby, but it quickly grew into a business. Moving to Fernandina Beach, she noticed a lack of exotic and interior foliage options. She decided to fill this gap by bringing a mobile plant shop to the area. ​ Shipping Plants: Ashley ships plants all over the US, except to California, Arizona, Louisiana, and Texas, due to licensing restrictions. She started shipping plants after listing them on Facebook Marketplace and receiving a lot of interest. Shipping plants allows her to reach a larger audience and cater to customers who can't visit her in person. ​ Unique Offerings: Ashley handpicks plants from local growers, looking for unique and interesting varieties. She aims to offer a range of plants for both beginners and experienced plant growers. Ashley also creates moss sculptures, frames, and walls, adding a creative touch to her offerings. ​ Challenges and Future Plans: Ashley has considered opening a storefront but is hesitant due to high retail space costs and the uncertainty of success. She plans to continue expanding her mobile plant shop and exploring new opportunities. Ashley hopes to pass on her love of plants to her children and inspire them to follow their passions. ​ Advice for Starters: Ashley recommends reaching out to others in the industry for guidance and support. Connecting with experienced individuals can provide valuable insights and help overcome challenges. She encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to follow their passion and be open to learning and trying new things. EP49 REFLECTING ON 2023 PREPARING FOR 2024 OVERVIEW Highlights and Challenges in the Green Industry for 2023: Learned to be more fearless and go after opportunities Key challenges: price increases, shortage of quality products Emerging trends: increased desire for knowledge and learning in the industry Categories to feature in 2024: Farm Credit, FNGA members, irrigation companies, tree trimmers, shade house providers, innovative tech companies in the industry ​ Opportunities for Listeners to Contribute: DM or email with questions, ideas, or topics for the show Engage in discussions on social media posts Participate in events and collaborations, such as the upcoming project at Amelia Earhart Park ​ Advice for Thriving in the Green Industry: Give 100% in everything you do, even if it goes unnoticed Never stop learning and seeking knowledge Face your fears and take risks Prioritize value over profits and focus on solving problems for others Invest fearlessly in yourself and your business Build relationships and connections in the industry ​ Practices and Habits that Contributed to Success: Building relationships and bringing value to customers Thinking outside the box and innovating Investing in knowledge and education Being fearless in investing and taking calculated risks Prioritizing value and service over immediate profits ​ Personal Projects and Collaborations for 2024: Launching Nursery Growers project to provide affordable access to plant growers Expanding Plan Logistics services with GPS tracking and high-quality deliveries Collaborating with different industry professionals and companies to bring value and solutions to the industry ​ Opportunities for Listeners to Participate and Contribute: Engage in discussions and provide feedback through DMs, emails, and social media Share knowledge and experiences on the podcast or in live discussions Collaborate on projects and events to promote knowledge and networking in the industry ​ Personal Advice for Individuals in the Industry: Give 100% in your work and always seek to bring value Never stop learning and investing in your own growth and education Face your fears and take risks to grow and thrive in your career Prioritize value and problem-solving for others over personal gain Invest fearlessly in yourself and your business, and focus on long-term growth and success EP48 INSPROVIDER BUSINESS INSURANCE OVERVIEW Insurance in the Green Industry General liability, umbrella policy, commercial auto policies, workers compensation, bonds, and vendors insurance are important insurances to have in the green industry. Vendors insurance covers unpaid invoices in case a client doesn't pay. Insurance is crucial for protecting a business in the green industry. Adrian from Southern Insurance Providers specializes in insurance for the green industry. ​ Personal Growth in the Insurance Industry Adrian and the host discuss personal growth and open up about their own experiences. Adrian brings a personal touch to insurance and looks out for his customers. ​ Importance of Insurance for Business Owners Insurance is essential for all business owners, especially in the green industry. Adrian emphasizes the importance of having insurance in case of unexpected accidents or liability. Business owners should consider general liability, workers compensation, and commercial auto policies to protect their businesses. ​ General Liability Insurance General liability insurance is the heart of all policies and is necessary for getting contracts and working with commercial vendors. It covers errors made by the business or employees that cause bodily injury or property damage to a third party. It is required by many vendors and commercial contracts. ​ Workers Compensation Insurance Workers compensation insurance is required for businesses with one or more employees in the green industry. It provides coverage for employees who are injured or become ill on the job. The requirements for workers compensation insurance vary by state. ​ Commercial Auto Insurance Commercial auto insurance covers vehicles used for business purposes, such as trucks, trailers, and equipment. It provides coverage for liability and physical damage to the vehicles. Different types of vehicles may require different types of coverage. ​ Aged Receivables Insurance Aged receivables insurance is a form of insurance that protects businesses from unpaid invoices. It can be useful for businesses that offer credit terms to their customers. The coverage amount is based on the amount of credit extended and the risk involved. ​ Umbrella Insurance Umbrella insurance provides additional coverage on top of existing policies, such as general liability. It is useful for businesses that need higher coverage limits to meet the requirements of certain vendors or contracts. Umbrella insurance can provide extra protection in case of large claims or lawsuits. ​ Online Quoting and Binding for Workers Compensation Insurance Southern Insurance Providers offers online quoting and binding for workers compensation insurance on their website. Landscapers can easily get a quote and purchase a policy without speaking to an agent. The process is quick and convenient, allowing businesses to get the coverage they need efficiently. EP47 N OVA HARDSCAPES OVERVIEW Introduction The guest, Nasir, is the owner of Nova Hardscapes, a company that specializes in importing natural stone products. Nasir shares his background as an immigrant from Turkey who came to the US to pursue his education and eventually started his own business. ​ Starting in the US Nasir came to the US after finishing college in Turkey and obtained his green card through the Diversity Visa Lottery. He initially attended college in Orlando, Florida, but later moved to Miami and purchased his first condo. Nasir started working in the natural stone industry and eventually opened his own tile store. ​ Creating Nova Hardscapes Nasir had the idea to bring in unique and exotic natural stone products that were not commonly available in the market. He started by importing different types of natural stone, such as beach pebbles and marble chips, from various countries including Turkey, China, and Peru. Nasir also developed a process to crush and tumble the rocks to create unique and rounded stones that can be used for landscaping and other applications. ​ Challenges during the Pandemic The pandemic posed challenges in terms of shipping rates and disruptions in production due to facility shutdowns. Nasir faced difficulties in maintaining inventory and fulfilling orders during this time. However, he adapted and continued to bring in new products and serve his clients. ​ Future Plans Nasir plans to reinvest in his business by expanding his facilities and purchasing more equipment to increase production and lower costs. He aims to offer his products at affordable prices and make them accessible to both wholesale and retail customers. Nasir is also exploring partnerships with other companies in the industry to expand distribution and reach a wider customer base. ​ Conclusion Nasir's passion for the natural stone industry and his dedication to providing unique and high-quality products have made Nova Hardscapes a successful business. He continues to innovate and find new ways to meet the needs of his clients and the market. Nasir's connections and his ability to bring in products from different countries have been instrumental in his business's growth. EP46 PLANTIFUL OVERVIEW Introduction (00:00 - 09:59) Host introduces David Turrer, founder of Plantiful Technologies David discusses how he started in the plant industry What is Plantiful Technologies? Plantiful Technologies is an inventory management system for the horticulture industry Helps track live plants, inventory, sales, production, and logistics Integrates with QuickBooks and can be used for e-commerce User-Friendliness Plantiful Technologies is user-friendly and easy to use Can be used on a tablet or phone in the field One to two clicks and the inventory is updated Takes a picture and has it in the system Setting Up Plantiful Technologies Takes a little bit of time to set up David and his team do some work behind the scenes Once set up, users can plug in all their inventory Integrating with QuickBooks Integrates with QuickBooks for accounting purposes Automatically deducts inventory and generates pick sheets for employees Benefits of Plantiful Technologies Helps businesses sell plants more profitably Improves decision-making and helps businesses run better Makes the world a greener place Future Plans Plantiful Technologies plans to integrate with Shopify and other e-commerce platforms Will build its own e-commerce platform Wants to provide technology for real people in the plant world Keep track of inventory and tasks Set up pre-booking for plants Auto-allocation process for sales orders Fully integrate sales team with production and logistics teams Live updates accessible online from tablets Track reasons for changes in inventory Custom-built for the green industry Can handle any number of users Platform is intuitive and efficient Can save time and money for businesses Customer benefits of Plantiful platform Faster and more efficient operations Eliminates wasted time and lost inventory Custom-built for the green industry Can scale depending on the size of the business Provides real-time updates accessible from anywhere Can help shift towards online sales Plantiful platform creator David founded the platform a year ago Team consists of five people spread around Custom-built for the green industry based on customer needs and requests Platform is intuitive and efficient Plentiful can create opportunities for the future of businesses in the green industry Importance of Social Media in the Plant Industry (20:03 - 30:03) Social media is real-time and engaging, allowing viewers to see products, hear how the speaker talks, and be creative with their content. Many in the industry still use old-school methods like faxes, but the younger generation is starting to use social media to level up and be creative. Only around 10% of the plant industry is currently on social media, indicating a lot of opportunity to expand and make connections. Social media can be used to generate sales and be a powerful tool in the industry. Plantiful's Potential Impact Plantiful has the potential to be a powerful asset to the industry by providing efficiency, inventory management, and new sales opportunities. The platform can be expanded to include multiple offerings and become a hub for the entire industry. Word of mouth is crucial for advertising and growth in the industry. The plant industry has a unique collaborative and helpful culture. Opportunities for Brokers and Garden Centers Anyone using Plantiful has the ability to see their own inventory and export that information to others. Brokers can use the platform to link Plantiful customers together and provide new sales opportunities. Garden centers can benefit from having access to multiple vendors and inventory on the platform. ​ Importance of Collaboration in the Industry (30:05 - 40:05) Emphasizes the need for collaboration and how everyone in the industry needs each other to succeed. Describes the importance of having a network of friends and colleagues to create, talk and share ideas. Highlights the significance of trust in the industry and how a handshake means more than money. Challenges Faced by Growers Growing is an intimidating part of the industry and requires a significant investment in land, irrigation, pots, soil fertilizer, etc. Discusses the difficulty of predicting future outcomes and the risks involved in the industry. Describes the shortage of quality products in the industry due to slowdowns, low investment, and other factors. Succession Planning and Record-Keeping Discusses a generational change going on in the industry as older growers want to retire and pass on their businesses. Highlights the importance of expertise and knowing how to grow specific plants. Describes a platform called Planl that can help older growers record everything they do so that the new generation taking over can learn from them. Talks about how Planl can help with tasks, assigning them to people, and tracking them. Future of the Green Industry The next five years will be challenging and unpredictable. Sees a need for innovation and collaboration to overcome the challenges. Describes Plantiful as intuitive and accessible to anyone in the industry. Emphasizes the importance of having a platform that can be used by anyone in the team, ensuring that operations run smoothly. Future of the industry (40:07 - 44:27) Landscapers and retail Garden Centers will be ordering directly from suppliers online Businesses need to be efficient and data-driven to optimize every last acre and day Those who don't adapt and plan ahead will be squeezed out Consolidation may occur, with hungry investors buying up successful nurseries and staff Businesses that integrate technology and embrace efficiency will scale faster and have more opportunities ​ Importance of tech integration Efficiency is key for customers who want quick service Integrating tech can save money and create opportunities Faster adoption of tech leads to faster opportunity creation Conclusion Listeners should reach out to guest David to learn more about plantiful and tech integration Efficiency is what customers want Stay tuned for the next episode of The Plant Movement podcast EP45 CULTURE AND GROWING FROM WITHIN OVERVIEW Introduction (00:00 - 09:58) In this episode, Willie Rodriguez and Eddie Gonzalez discuss how to fulfill a position within a business and using the staff that is already there. The Situation Willie's right-hand man, who handled sales, was leaving the company. He had a lot of responsibilities, including answering phones, directing trucks, and ensuring that orders were correct. Willie had to find a way to fill this position quickly. Finding a Solution Willie gathered the team and asked for volunteers to take on the responsibilities that the departing employee had. The team members chose to take on certain responsibilities and were given a raise and a bigger title. The departing employee coached them for the next two weeks. Willie took on the sales position himself temporarily. Eddie suggested that the secretary, who was already showing sales tendencies, could be a good fit for the position. She was given the position, her pay was doubled, and she had many opportunities for growth. Looking Within the Business Willie emphasizes the importance of knowing your employees' hobbies, interests, and goals. By understanding these things, opportunities can be created for employees to grow and help the business. Creating a Positive Culture Willie emphasizes the importance of having a positive culture within the business. He established a family-like culture where everyone knows each other's hobbies and interests. This culture helps to ensure that everyone is aligned and mingles well together. Hiring from Within Willie hired a guy who was planting plants to help with buying because sales were climbing. The new hire was trained and learned everything about the plants and how to talk to clients and vendors. By hiring from within, Willie was able to give someone an opportunity for growth while also helping the business. Conclusion Looking within the business and creating a positive culture can help to create opportunities for growth and help the business to thrive. Importance of Establishing a Positive Culture with Employees (10:00 - 19:58) Willie establishes a culture where employees can come talk to him openly. Establishing a good culture creates a pleasant place to work and creates opportunities for growth. Having a good relationship with employees allows them to voice their feelings and ideas, creating a family within the business. Creating a community within your business helps elevate it for the long term. Fulfillment Through People and Giving Back Money is not the only thing that fulfills a person; helping people and creating opportunities for them is also fulfilling. Establishing good relationships and caring for employees can create a positive atmosphere and retain staff. Creating opportunities for employees can help them grow and bring value to the business. It's important to have a clear game plan and save up before leaving a job with a negative atmosphere. Creating Opportunities for Growth Establishing a good culture can lead to opportunities for growth, such as creating a podcast or starting a new business venture. Helping employees grow and giving them opportunities can lead to more income and fulfillment. It's important to establish honest relationships with employees and trust in their abilities. People who are moving forward are always looking for someone who can help them. Positive company culture (20:00 - 30:00) The company has a fast-paced culture where everyone is busy and productive. A positive, open atmosphere encourages creativity and open communication. The team is referred to as the "Dream Team" and is trusted to take on challenges and come up with creative solutions. The boss prays for the team and believes in their potential for growth. Positive culture and inclusivity make people feel appreciated and help them level up in their roles. Investing in the business Implementing technology and innovative solutions can cut payroll costs and increase productivity. Reinvesting in the business can free up time and resources to pursue other goals. Asking employees what they need to be more productive and efficient can lead to better results. Opportunities for growth within the company are available for those who want to climb. Deisy's Story Deisy is the head of sales at A Ornamental. The boss felt a strong energy from her message when she applied for the job. Deisy's story is a testament to being in the right place at the right time and being open to opportunities. A positive company culture and open communication allowed for her to level up in her position. Opportunities in a Free-Spirited, Open Environment (30:02 - 38:44) Started as a secretary doing accounts receival and invoicing Learned QuickBooks and other technologies related to the job Was willing to take on more roles, including sales Overcame initial intimidation and gained confidence over time Took on more responsibilities beyond sales Importance of Giving Opportunities to Employees Look within your business first to fulfill positions Believe in your staff and give opportunities to grow Positivity is important in creating a bond with staff Giving back and creating opportunities is key Final Thoughts David from Plant Beautiful has created an inspiring product in the tech space for growers Don't wait to dive into the industry and connect with the right people Leave a five-star review on Apple Podcasts and tap the follow button for future episodes. EP44 HEAT ORDINANCE OVERVIEW Introduction (00:00 - 09:58) The podcast features two individuals from Costa Farms, the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association (FNGA), and the Florida Farm Bureau discussing the proposed heat ordinance in Miami-Dade County. The episode aims to inform listeners about the proposed ordinance, its implications, and what they can do about it. Speakers Ariana Cabrera de Ona is the senior Vice President Chief people officer and general counsel for Costa Farms. She has been in the industry for 17 years. Barney Rutzke is the president of the Dade County Farm Bureau and the vice president of the Dade County FNGA chapter. He has worked in all aspects of Agriculture from the fields to management to mechanicing in the shops. How the ordinance was proposed A heat ordinance was proposed in Miami-Dade County by a commissioner. After good conversations about practices and the fact that OSHA already governs heat standards, the previous heat ordinance was quietly withdrawn. A new heat ordinance was proposed by Commissioner McGee and Commissioner Besen, which was worse than the previous one and targeted only Agriculture and construction. Agriculture and horiculture were the only categories that the proposed ordinance applied to, and it did not apply to any other outdoor worker in Miami-Dade County. The proposed ordinance was based on very old data that did not take into account current conditions, practices, and oversight in the Agriculture and horiculture Industry. Implications of the proposed ordinance The proposed heat ordinance will discriminatorily affect only Agriculture and construction. It does not make sense because it should be for all outdoor workers. The industry already has regulations in place that mandate water, bathrooms, and shade for employees, which are overseen by OSHA and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service. The proposed ordinance could affect the employer, landlord, partner, coworker, and employees. What people can do about it Agricultural and horicultural organizations, including Farm Bureau and FNGA, mobilized to talk to Commissioners and ensure they knew what was in the proposed ordinance. People can call Farm Bureau, FNGA, or Costa Farms to ask what is going on. People can educate themselves about the proposed ordinance and what actions they can take to oppose it. Background and introduction (10:00 - 19:57) The speaker believes that the implication that they are not taking care of their employees is not true. Nursery employees have access to water, ice, and lunch breaks. Different nurseries have different break schedules. Employees are free to take breaks as needed and go to the restroom or get a drink of water whenever they need to. The organization We Count is a labor activist organization that speaks on behalf of employees in agriculture and construction. The speaker believes that what We Count is doing is great for industries that treat their employees poorly, but not all industries treat their employees poorly. County's response during COVID-19 During COVID-19, the county worked closely with the industry to provide testing, masks, vaccination drives, and education. The CDC came to Miami-Dade County to tour facilities and take back best practices for the rest of the country. Proposed ordinance The proposed ordinance includes fines and a new office in Miami-Dade County dedicated to health and welfare. The new office will be funded 100% by fines, which opens the door to fine-based inspections. OSHA already has rules in place for employee safety, which include giving notice before inspections. The proposed ordinance would allow the county to come onto properties without notice, which could lead to an expansion of regulation. The fine-based system creates an environment where employees can easily sue their employers. Fines range from $1,000 to $3,000 per person, and there is no appeal process. The proposed ordinance requires a heat plan, a mandatory 10-minute break every two hours, enough shade for every person, and specific water temperature. Employers must verbally remind employees to drink water every two hours and have a supervisor for every 20 employees. Co-workers are also liable, and the liability expands to subcontractors, farm labor contractors, owners, and landlords. If an employer receives a fine, they will be put into a public database, allowing for attorneys to get involved. Overview (20:00 - 30:00) A new cause of action to sue employers has been proposed. Existing causes of action and regulations already exist for employers. The proposal creates additional ways to sue employers. Targeting of Industries The proposal may target industries such as nurseries, farmers, and construction workers in Miami-Dade County. The organization behind the proposal may benefit attorneys and unionizing the workforce. It is unclear if politicians understand the potential effects of the proposal on these industries. Passion for the Industry The speakers are passionate about their industry and feel that the proposal is personal. Employees in the industry are cared for and will voice concerns about working in high heat. The statistics used to support the proposal may be misleading. Proposed Ordinance The ordinance uses the heat index to determine high heat instead of a straight temperature. Proposed acclimatization requirements in the ordinance may not be necessary for those working in the industry. A coalition has been formed with associations in the construction industry to combat the proposal. Proposed Solution The coalition proposes an education and training program instead of a new agency and regulations. The program would focus on educating employers and employees on heat safety and prevention. Introduction (30:02 - 40:00) The speaker believes that people should be given a chance to learn before implementing any heat ordinance. Certification or taking a Class A video should be provided to educate employees. Need for Heat Ordinance The speaker questions the need for a heat ordinance and states that there is no evidence that it is necessary. There should be a good reason and proper conditions to implement such an ordinance. The speaker has never had any complaints from their employees and believes that they take good care of them. Action to Take People need to call their Commissioners and ask them to vote no on the heat ordinance. A list of every commissioner's number, email address, and name should be provided in the description. Calling is crucial and takes only about 25 minutes. A petition link will also be provided for people to show their opposition to the ordinance. Impact on Industries The heat ordinance will be catastrophic for the agriculture and construction industries. It will drive a lot of people out of business and affect the economy. Even those not directly affected by the ordinance, like landscapers, will be impacted by increased plant prices. Discrimination The ordinance is discriminatory towards agriculture and construction industries, compared to other industries like car washes and boat detailing. Only six or seven other states have such an ordinance, and they piggyback off existing OSHA fines. OSHA Regulations OSHA is already addressing new or revised standards for heat that would apply nationwide. OSHA fines are already existing, and there is no need for new ones. Appeal The speaker appeals to Commissioners to inform themselves thoroughly and understand the impact on businesses. Educate the people in the industry and start with that. Final (40:02 - 40:53) The hosts, Willie and Eddie, thank listeners for tuning in and promise to bring relevant content for the green industry. Listeners can connect with the hosts on Instagram at both the Plant Movement Podcast and A's Ornamental Nursery. Call to Action Listeners are encouraged to leave a well-worded review on Apple Podcasts to help others find the show. Listeners are also reminded to tap the follow button to be notified of future episodes. Conclusion The hosts thank listeners for listening to the current episode and sign off with "God bless" and "have an awesome day". EP43 HUMANE IGUANA CONTROL OVERVIEW Introduction (00:00 - 09:59) Michael and Michelle from Humane iguana control talk about the negative impact of iguanas in South Florida. Michael had a landscaping business before he got into iguana control when he noticed his plants were being eaten by iguanas. ​ ​ The Problem with Iguanas Iguanas are an invasive species that eat lush tropical landscape plants, causing thousands of dollars of damage. They also dig burrows that can cause structural damage over time. Iguanas negatively impact the ecosystem by eating native species such as the Miami blue butterfly, and their burrows can harm native bird species. Iguanas were brought to South Florida through the pet trade market in the 1960s. ​ ​ Iguana Control Humane iguana control removes over 3,000 iguanas in South Florida. Michael and Michelle want to educate people about the negative impact iguanas have on the environment and agriculture. Humane iguana control also offers pest control services for raccoons and snakes. Humane iguana control plans to focus on python control next, as they are another invasive species causing harm to the Everglades. ​ ​ Introduction (10:00 - 19:58) The speaker discusses the impact of iguanas in South Florida. ​ ​ Iguana Predators Alligators are a predator for Burmese pythons, but they may not be able to prey on larger iguanas. Other predators of smaller iguanas include hawks, owls, and raccoons. Raccoons may not be a main predator of iguanas but may climb trees at night and eat them alive. ​ ​ Iguana Species in South Florida There are two invasive iguana species in South Florida: black spiny-tailed iguana and green iguana. Other lizards in the area include the red agama, which the speaker plans to capture and sell to pet stores. ​ ​ Iguana Infestation and Services The iguanas were introduced to South Florida through the pet trade. The speaker's company offers services to remove iguanas from properties and prevent them from returning. Services include monthly visits, six-month to one-year services, and night visits to locate and capture iguanas. The company does not offer traps as iguanas prefer to eat vegetation. Iguanas defecate frequently and may leave stains on surfaces such as pool decks. The speaker suggests a need for birth control or population control measures for iguanas. ​ ​ Conclusion The speaker discusses the need for balance in the ecosystem and the importance of controlling iguana populations for the sake of native species and the environment. ​ ​ Introduction (20:01 - 30:00) The guest speakers are experts in catching iguanas. They provide preventive maintenance to stop iguanas from entering properties. ​ ​ Challenges of Iguanas Iguanas are common in Florida and like to poop in pools. Health risks are associated with iguana feces. Hotels with pools and playgrounds are at risk of being sued for iguana feces. Having children is a full-time job, and being an entrepreneur adds more tasks. People without children have the potential to go after more opportunities. The Guest Speakers The guest speakers have three children and are building their business together. They have a YouTube channel where they post videos of their iguana-catching adventures, including using drones to assist them. They also provide preventive maintenance by using clear acetate around trees and fences to prevent iguanas from climbing. ​ ​ Preventive Maintenance The guest speakers provide preventive maintenance by scoping out the area for entry points and recommending landscaping materials that iguanas don't like. They suggest that homeowners speak to their landscaper or consult with them before investing in a landscape. They also recommend installing plants like bromeliads, Simpson Stoppers, silver button woods, and fire bush that iguanas don't like ​ ​ Conclusion The guest speakers are available 24/7 to assist with iguana, snake, and rodent problems. Their contact information can be found in the link in the bio. ​ Notification for Next Edition (30:02 - 30:12) The speaker advises the audience to press a button to receive a notification when the next edition of the plant movement is available.

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    LISTEN LEARN GROW GUEST READS SHOP VLOG PLANTS HOME GUÍA RÁPIDA PODCAST SINTONIZAR PUEDES ENCONTRARNOS EN TODAS LAS TRANSMISIONES DE PODCAST NEGOCIO EDIFICIO COMPAÑERO ES HORA DE ELEVAR TU NEGOCIO APRENDE MÁS EL MOVIMIENTO PLANTA El lugar definitivo para emprendedores, entusiastas y profesionales de la industria verde en constante crecimiento. ​ El Movimiento Planta fue fundado por Willie Rodríguez y Eddie González. El movimiento vegetal podcast le ofrece conversaciones interesantes, conocimientos de expertos y estrategias prácticas para afrontar los desafíos y aprovechar las oportunidades de su negocio. Ya sea que sea un emprendedor experimentado, un paisajista, un centro de jardinería o simplemente un apasionado de la industria ecológica, este podcast es su recurso de referencia en busca de inspiración, conocimiento e historias de éxito. ¡VAMOS A CRECER! ¡Producción de audio por el único Sr. Productor! RED To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. APRENDE MÁS PUBLICIDAD CON NOSOTROS BUSCANDO ALCANZAR NUEVO CLIENTES ? TRAÍDO A USTED POR

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    Embark on a transformative 30-minute consultation with Willie Rodriguez, a seasoned expert from The Plant Movement—an industry-based company specializing in horticulture, garden centers, and landscaping. This exclusive session is tailored for horticulturists, garden enthusiasts, and landscapers seeking valuable insights and business advice to elevate their endeavors.

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    Embark on a transformative 60-minute consultation with Willie Rodriguez, a seasoned expert from The Plant Movement – your trusted partner in horticulture, garden center management, and landscaping solutions. Willie brings a wealth of industry experience and a passion for cultivating success in the green sector. During this exclusive session, you'll have the opportunity to dive deep into the core aspects of your horticultural enterprise, seeking tailored advice and solutions for your unique challenges. Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to enhance operational efficiency, a garden center owner exploring expansion opportunities, or a landscaper aiming to stay ahead of industry trends, Willie Rodriguez is here to guide you.

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