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Willie and Co-Host Eddie Gonzalez Talk Cultivating Growth From Within

Updated: Oct 27

From episode: EP45 - Cultivating Growth from Within: Nurturing Your Business Culture and Promoting from Within

Willie: Today we got my brother from another mother, Mr. Eddie Gonzalez, that he's always behind the camera. Most of you guys that are wondering who puts all this stuff together and all the stuff on Instagram and Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, websites. Mr. Eddie, Mr. Eddie G. Guys, so today we want to talk about a topic that might be, you know,

Eddie: Common sense.

Willie: Common sense to some, but not common sense to all. The opportunities that are right in front of you when it comes to fulfilling a position when you're trying to grow your business using the staff that you currently have. Right. Right. Or going out. Sometimes you got to fulfill it with someone from the outside.

Eddie: Correct.

Willie: But for the most part, that's something that I have been able to do.

Eddie: Yes. Looking within your business

Willie: looking within the business, understanding and knowing who works with you, know what they like to do, what hobbies they like, what interests they have, where they would like to be in five years. So as you go creating the path for your future, you can implement these people into helping the whole business grow and also helping them level up.

Eddie: Exactly.

Willie: Which is something that I love. And we have so many stories of people that we've been able to do that with and just help them along their road and their journey, that we feel like it's something that we can talk about today to give you guys just a different outlook and help you think more broad and more open to the potential of using someone that's already on staff and just getting them leveled up.

Eddie: It's like taking a moment to see where you're at and where you want to be as a business or a business owner and looking within your business with the staff that you already have to see where they want to be in their future to start with and with the business.

Willie: Their positions, all of that stuff. Let's jump in.

Eddie: Let's talk about that time and that one moment in your business where somebody that was in a very important role who handled the sales was leaving. And you know what, what we went through as a team to solve that problem since it was occurring so quickly.

Willie: Yes.

Eddie: Let's start there.

Willie: Yeah. So we had someone that was basically my right -hand man to allow me to sit here and do podcasts and do video recordings and just go after the next thing. And it was someone that was brought on to relieve me of time so I can have my time to grow whatever I was trying to do next. And his wife was pregnant. Her family lives in another state. She wanted to be with her family. It's very understandable. At the family comes first, you know, so if they have to leave, it is what it is. You know, I don't expect nobody to be here their whole life anyway. So he tells me, he goes, Hey, Willie, I'm leaving. And I'm like, you're leaving? He's like, yeah, I'm leaving. This person was my right -hand man, answered the phones, did sales, directed the trucks, directed the guys outside, loading the trucks, making sure the orders were right. He had a lot of stuff on his leg, a lot of responsibility. So when he told me that, I said, how long? He goes, oh, I'm leaving in a week. It was a week, right? Two weeks. Two weeks. I'm leaving in two weeks. I'm like, cool. So instantly, you know, being a problem solver, which is what an entrepreneur should be, is okay. We have a lot of problems to solve. So let's see how we're going to take care of it. So we gathered the team. We gathered the team. And the first thing was, okay, a bunch of people are going to get leveled up right now because I had his salary that I was no longer going to need to pay anymore. And it was a very nice, chunky salary. So I was like, all right, perfect. This salary can get dispersed amongst others and give them the opportunity to now jump into a way bigger salary and not just a salary, but also a position that they can have a larger title, bigger title. They can take on more, grow, learn more about the industry, learn more about the business and help everything transfer smoothly. So we had a meeting. It was like five of us, six of us. It wasn't everybody. It was just key players, the big, bigger, you know, higher ups. And we basically sat down. He was there as well. And we went through just everything that that one person did. I asked, instead of me appointing, I said, who would be up to take this on and who would be up to take this on and this on and this on. And I let them make a decision because as an owner of a business, you can put stuff on people. They might not want to do it, even though they're qualified. They have to want to do it. It has to come out naturally from them. So each picked what they wanted to do as a responsibility. It was like a, what, like an hour and a half meeting. Yes. After that, it was basically him coaching them for the next two weeks. So I instantly took everything away from him, all responsibilities, no answering phones, no directing of nothing, no doing nothing. And it was instantly, let me go talk to everyone else, let them know what the game plan is. So they know that now someone else is telling them to do this and that. So they're not sure trying to

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