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Why You Want to Have a Team That Can Grow With Your Company

Updated: Oct 27

From episode: EP45 - Cultivating Growth from Within: Nurturing Your Business Culture and Promoting from Within

Willie: We have grown so much, you know, the, the plant movement has grown, but when it comes to the company, which has allowed me to even soak up on all this knowledge and all the chaos and all the, just everything that I've been through in my life, we've grown over the past, you know, five years immensely. And you want to have a team that can grow with the company and also take on more heat and more fire. You know, like the other day we were slow. There was not much going on and what we had going on, there was errors starting to arise. And, and one of the staff members asked me, why do you think that is boss? And I said, because we're slow. I said, people are more laid back because the, the culture we have here is a fire fast paced culture where everybody's busy. Everybody's doing something. There's a lot of things to get done. I always feel like I'm behind, even though we're not behind, but you know, there's deadlines to meet and we have X amount of hours to do so. So everyone's on fire, fire, fire, fire, and you want to have a team that believes in you. They trust you. And they know that what you're doing behind the scenes, when they don't see you is something to allow them to continue to grow. You know, I think about, I think about the team a lot, man. I pray for the team every night. You know, I even pray for our clients and I pray for everyone watching the podcast just because there's, there's so much to learn. There's so much to do. And, you know, I, I believe in my team. You know, I call them the dream team, you know, and I don't call them the dream team to try to make them seem like someone they're not like I've told the buyers. I was like, guys, I trust you so much. Like you guys pull things off that I don't think you were going to be able to pull off and you pull it off so fast. I was like, I'm so confident. If we had like a game show, I'll find the plants, you know, like I would, I would a hundred percent put you in and I would feel that we would be at the top just because of what we've implemented. You know, think about it, like how many creative things have you come up with.. as well as other members of the team? They're like, Hey, boss, I think we can do it like this. Hey, where I worked before it was like this and we could, Oh yeah, let's do it. And all of that is like, what is here today isn't based off of one person's thoughts or ideas. It's based off of the positive culture on open atmosphere that people can speak. There's no, Oh my gosh, I got to go talk to the boss now. It's Hey boss, can I talk to you for five minutes? Yeah. What happened? Where wherever they need, whatever they need. It's like, if I can fulfill that, I'm going to do it. Whether it's an opportunity for them to climb and I'll tell them, Hey, right now, not yet, because I don't see where I can put you, but give me, just give me some time. And if God wants that, that's exactly what's going to happen. Literally. That's how things are ran here.

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