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What Can YOU Do to Bring in Money Quickly?

From episode: EP42 - Slow Season Survival: Staying Right When Money Gets Tight

So the other thing I always like to focus on when money's tight, aside from lifelines and stuff like that, is what can I do to bring in money quick? Like what can I do to bring in money quick? So if you have inventory, you can do fire sales. Fire sales is always something positive that might bring a customer to buy that one item. I wouldn't put the whole nursery up for sale, but I would do a specific item. So let's say you have an item that you did 3000 of, they haven't moved, they're getting big and you're selling them at market price right now. Drop it, drop it 25%. Oh, Willie, you're crazy. Drop it 25%. Because what that can do is bring somebody in for that item, they see everything else by you being savvy, positive, moving forward and now you tell them, Hey, I know you came for this one item, but can I show you the other items real quick? Give me two minutes, throw them on the golf cart or put them in your truck or do whatever you got to do and show them everything else you have. Now that might open other doors for them to spend money on other things that you're not, let's say putting on sale and it comes down to advertising and marketing. I know in this industry, people don't put budgets for that. That's not a thing. If you're a grower, jump on PlantAnt. On the PlantAnt episode that we did, they were talking about how people were complaining that they were spending $60 a month in advertising. Guys, advertising is your lifeline. That is a major, major lifeline. So some of the things that we do here, what are the things we do here Eddie? We do email campaigns. We use the social media platforms. They are free F R E E. It just takes a second of your day to think. So right now, if you're a landscaper right now, stop right now, stop right now and go do a video. If you're a grower right now, listening to this, when you get to the nursery, go do a video, go film the guys planting, go show what you have. Put a name, put it on a story, make a post, send it out. If you're scrolling on IG and you see somebody that can benefit your life, someone that you can benefit theirs with the services you provide, send them a DM. Today, I encourage you all to do that right now.

Eddie: Why are people not sending List's?

Yeah. Why are people not sending lists? Like if you see a company that's pumping and pumping product, why don't you send them what you have? That way they can purchase from you guys. Guy's, It's not hard.

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