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The Power of Core Business Values With Matt Denyer

From episode: EP38 - The Power of Business Culture with Matt Denyer

So the details you're talking about, "details matter" is another one of our core values. Dude, I didn't even have core values like eight months ago, but I just started that with the EOS process, but it's so important. So like your core values, they're a reflection of like who you are as a person and then it's not just having them yourself. So that's where I was getting frustrated. I had core values and I had a couple of people on my team with core values, but my whole team didn't have my core value. So I hired these guys that on paper, you know, matched, but they didn't align with here. And so then you're constantly frustrated, even if they're good at what they do, because they're not trying to get the same end product as you. So you're talking about like turf, like Ripley turf, Ripley turf is like one of my biggest And I'm just going to say it, we've made some Ripley turf in our past, I'm the least perfect business owner in the entire world. But the guys yesterday were doing a turf job and they hadn't sanded it or pinned it yet. And I could see all these ripples, but they were posting it kind of towards the end of the day. So I like had this urge to like go in the job site group and be like, Hey, you know, where are you at in the process? And I was like, stop, like let your team do it. So I like, I just like said a little whisper to one of the guys and immediately one of the project managers like, Hey, where are you at in the project? Are you guys finished? Are you coming back tomorrow? You still got your answer. I still got my answer. So I'm learning to like not meddle in everything. And if I can stop meddling in everything, I can get my proposals out on time and I can go and, you know, make that next relationship and really focus on like my God given talents and abilities and like let my team do their thing.

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