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Plantiful Is Modern Software Built for Plant Growers & Wholesalers

Updated: Nov 14

From episode: EP46 - Modern software solutions for Plant Growers & Wholesalers by Plantiful

Willie - So talk to us real quick. Let's say we walk through. So I'm a nursery. I have today 65 acres of inventory, and I don't, let's say, track it with a software that you have. So I grab all my inventory, I plug in numbers, which would give me, it would have, it will be somebody going out, counting everything that's there, plugging it up. I would assume the first time would be the more time consuming type of thing. Right. And is this user -friendly for us to be able to do without having to contact you guys and all of that? It's user -friendly. Correct?

David - Oh yeah. That's, that's a huge part of this, right. Our goal is to get people to spend less time on the computer and more time hands in the dirt, selling to customers, growing the plants. And so, what's been crucial for us is making sure that everything we build is one, two clicks. You're on a tablet, you're on your phone, you're out in the field and you can say, yep. You know, inventory is up to date. Oh, this one, not up to date. Let me click, click. Now it's good to go. You know, I can take a picture of it, have that in the system, all that kind of good stuff.

Willie - All that stuff. So I go and I sign up and you guys do some stuff behind the scenes. Cause I remember you telling me it takes her a little bit to start setting everything up. Once everything's set up, I start plugging in all my inventory, all my numbers, everything. And then from there, now I have everything logged in from a liner, up to field grown, from specs and gallons. It's all set up for us guys. So now from there, I can link it with my QuickBooks, correct?

David - Yes, sir.

Willie - So when I go selling, clicking on the items, it automatically does the deductions, correct?

David - Exactly. It does it in the system, generates pick sheets for your guys. So they know exactly what to pull, where they're pulling it from, you know, sends an invoice to QuickBooks. So that way you can track it, you know, from accounting perspective.

Willie - So like, let's say you have multiple properties. You can name each location, you can name each block, you can name it by the item, like the name of the plant, the scientific name, common name, whatever you want. If there's a nickname that you and your, your employees call a plant, you can put it under that. And then from there, it automatically deducts. And then as you go planting, you just see what was planted in that day or that week or however you guys want to do it. And then you just go uploading it again. And there's also ways of showing what inventory is. Cause let's say I plant something, it might take three months, six months, a year to be rooted and ready to sell. I can put it there as inventory, but not, not ready to move. Right? I could do it as well?

David - You can set task lists as well. So you can, you know, set up, Hey, I need some of my guys to pop this up on this date in the future. I am telling my sales team, this will be ready to go in eight months. Someone calls me up in the fall. I want big order for ahead of spring. You can actually pull up based off of that forecast, Hey, here's what's going to be ready in April. Here's, what's going to be ready in June, you know, tie up that inventory so that you sell ahead and plan ahead and keep track of everything.

Willie - We do a lot of pre -booking here, like certain items, we will put them out, but as a pre -book. So Hey guys, we just planted them or Hey, the liners are ready. We're going to step them up into 3gl. If you guys are interested and you want to get your hands on them, that actually just happened with a plant called Arbricola Dazzle today happened today. Today we launched them. That's it. They're large and we already had the list of all the pre -booking. So we already called everybody and said, Hey, they're 50 % rooted. If you guys want them, you can take them now. And they're not 100%, but at least you can have them there and start getting inquiries. Your customers can look at them. They can pre -book with you. And that's it. We're already pulling all those orders so they can get shipped. So that's very cool that that's offered.

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