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Humane Iguana Control's Unique Acetate Service Offering

From episode: EP43 - IGUANA CONTROL with Michael and Michelle from Humane Iguana Control

I want to talk about a service that we provide, that I don't think other companies may provide. We put a clear acetate around trees so that they want us to climb the trees.

Willie: Oh, that's cool.

Some people put chicken wire, which only helps them climb more because the chicken wire is like little...

Willie: Yeah. It's like levels. There's like steps.

Exactly. Exactly. So we put the clear acetate around it so that they slide, they can't go back up.

Willie: So it's slippery and they can't.


Willie: What is it? Like a hard plastic?

It's like bendy, and then you just put around the tree and they can't climb up and it's clear, so you don't see it on the tree. We actually even installed that in like fences, that has golf courses behind them. We did like a long 50 foot stretch because iguanas just went through the little holes of the fence. So we provided that and we put that and the iguanas stopped going to their property.

Willie: So you guys installed that as well. It's great from the landscape background, you know, that's something that a landscaper would do. You would think, oh, I need to cover something. Let me talk to my fence guy or let me talk to a landscape or hardscape where they can come and do it for me. But that's a service that you guys go and do yourself.

Exactly. Yeah. I think we forgot to mention that we actually do preventive maintenance. So let's say if we start doing your property for a month or two months, six months to a year, when we're done and we know it's under control or eliminated, we provide the services, just going one time a month just to scope the area. What that includes is just walking around, looking at any entry points that iguanas might come in. We recommend landscaping materials so they don't attract the iguanas to the property. So we offer all that as well to help the residents out.

Willie: That's cool. No, you want that because if you had an infestation, you know what it can do, especially if you have losses as a landlord. So you want to make sure they don't come back. Your neighbors might have them, but you want to make sure that they don't come into your yard.

Exactly. Yeah. So we take a lot of preventive measures.

Willie: From the trees, the fences, the holes, all of that is stuff that you guys are doing to prevent, which is great. I'm glad you guys are doing that.

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