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Deisy Shares Her Experience With Overcoming Shyness and Embracing Her Potential

Updated: Oct 27

From episode: EP45 - Cultivating Growth from Within: Nurturing Your Business Culture and Promoting from Within

Willie: I want to take a moment and bring on Deisy. For those of you that call and order plants, she is on the sales team here at A's Ornamental and her story is really crazy, and she's leveled up big time. She's just a great person and everyone loves her. I get random texts from people all the time. Customers that say that how much they love her and that they're so happy that she's here with us. So we're going to bring her on just so she can talk about how being at the right place at the right time, opening up, talking about it has been able to get her where she is today. Without further ado,

Eddie: let's go get Daisy.

Willie: So guys, this is Ms. Deisy. She is the head of sales here at A's Ornamental and her story is literally insane. From the moment that she sent me a message on WhatsApp, I just felt that she was the right person because at the time we had about 20 to 30 people reach out and I didn't feel that energy that I felt when she sent me that message. I just instantly knew. I was like, if this girl actually shows up, I feel like this is the one. To fulfill what we needed to fulfill at that time. And you haven't been here. She's been working guys. Deisy, say hi real quick.

Deisy: Hi to everyone.

Willie: We've been talking about a positive culture within the business. And we've also talked about how talking to your employees and having that bond with them, you understand their goals, you understand their dreams, you understand their beliefs, you understand, you know, just everything. And it becomes more of a family type of a scenario at work where you want to, you know, climb. And that's not for everybody, but for those that want to climb opportunities arise. And when they arise, we're looking inside of the business to fulfill those positions because not everyone has money to go hire another person and pay them 30, 40, 50, 80, a hundred thousand dollars a year, whatever it might be that you can just have someone already in the company that you know has the traits or someone might tell you like what happened in your specific scenario. And now you have the opportunity to level up. I wanted to talk to you and ask you about that, about opportunities. What opportunities have you had by working in a place that is a free spirited, open environment that's like a family?

Deisy: So yeah, I started as, can you cut it?

Willie: Yeah. Guys, we're just throwing her on the spot. So she's never, ever, ever sat in this chair and never, ever been in front of the mic and never had the headphones on.

Deisy: Never.

Willie: Yeah. So you started off.

Deisy: I started, I remember I sent you a text message.

Willie: We put out an ad and we put out a sign, which works really well. We put a sign out on the fence that we're looking for a secretary.

Deisy: Yes.

Willie: And you called in reference to that position, knowing about computers, you know, you went to school, you learned about computers, you learned about all that stuff, but where you were working wasn't that position?

Deisy: No. So my first experience with anything related to nursery plants, it was with you that you gave me the opportunity to start. I started as a secretary doing accounts receivable and then learning QuickBooks, learning all that, you know, the technology, the system that you use for doing invoicing related. So that's how I started. At first, it was kind of challenging the first like months to months I came, like every day I was very nervous. Every day I was very nervous, but you know, as time passed, you know, the months passed because I'd been here for two years and a few months. So I started to, you know, gather like confidence. I got confidence and you gave me, you know, the opportunity to be a better person. And to learn. Yeah. To learn because I have learned a lot from you and thank you a lot, Willie.

Willie: No, thank you. We also talked about how we have that one person that was my right hand man leave. And we had to think quick on what we can do to fulfill that person's position, which you know who I'm talking about. And there was so many things that that person had on their plate, right? So many things that they were taking care of and we had to disperse it amongst four people. So you were one of those people that were in the meeting when we had that hour and a half meeting. And I asked, would you, who would want to take on what? And you said that you were willing to take on one of these roles. And Eddie's one of them that also reached out and he told me, I think Daisy might fit the bill to do this. At least you can try and attempt it and see how it goes, which is sales, taking on sales, which sales is intimidating because there's so much that goes into sales.

Deisy: It was very intimidating. Well, not, not really. Cause you know, I was, for the past year I was doing, you know, talking with people on the phone, collecting payments when they're invoice. So I, they had a little bit of experience on that. So it wasn't intimidating, but not that much, to be honest.

Willie: And, and you like just thinking outside the box, cause you're a very quiet person, very timid, maybe even shy, right? So you've had to overcome so many things inside of you, all those feelings you've had to learn how to be like, no, no, these guys believe in me.

Deisy: Yes.

Willie: And I don't know why I'm feeling like this. It's okay. Like I can ask all the questions I have to ask.

Deisy: Yeah. I, sometimes I do feel intimidated, especially with new customers. Cause I mean, it's the first time doing a podcast and I'm nervous. But yeah, it's very intimidating.

Willie: But you feel like you've adapted?

Deisy: Yeah, true. Yeah.

Willie: And you feel more confident because you have more knowledge.

Deisy: I do. I feel very, very confident.

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