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Are You Offering A+ Services?

From episode: EP42 - Slow Season Survival: Staying Right When Money Gets Tight

Along with products, you also have services and relationships. So for you guys right now, you're mowing the lawn, listening to this, or you're doing some hardscape work, listening to this, or you're a grower and you're out on the field right now. Think about what services you provide right now, And are they A+? We've heard many people talk about, "answer the phone". It's that easy. That's the first start. The services you provide guys need to be A+. Like you really have to work on it. I know it's tough and you might have a lot of stress on you and you have a lot of things going on, but your service needs to be 100%. If you're a landscaper, make sure you go and you walk to the job after with the person. If you're there right now, you're doing an island, don't just leave the rock next to the grass. That way, when the maintenance guy comes, now the person's complaining, calling you, telling you that the rock gets thrown everywhere, put a border. Oh, but it's not in the budget, Willy! Make it fit in the budget? Explain to them why they need that and how it's going to cost them money down the road if they don't do it. Think outside the box. And also with products, let's say you're an irrigation company, buy good sprinkler systems, buy good heads, buy good valves. If you're installing wireless boxes to be able to control different zones and turn on your customer's irrigation at a specific time, buy a good brand. Don't go on eBay and don't buy just whatever brand to try to save money. Look into the future as you're doing this type of stuff, guys. The better products you put in from day one means a happier customer day two, and that will bring nothing but referrals and we all know that the best type of advertising is word of mouth. Right now you're working, what can you do right now on the ground that can better your customer's experience? Do they have a tree that needs to get trimmed, that's about to touch a power line. Whatever it is, think outside the box, make it happen. At the end of the day, if you're doing service, the more services you can provide, the better turnaround it is, not just for the client, but for you as well.

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